BB-8, from Star Wars

designed by Evelyn McDermand





2 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
   1 key ring or lanyard hook
   41 white pony beads
   18 orange pony beads
   16 grey pony beads
   1 black pony bead
   1 light blue pony bead
   2 black mini pony beads
   Black sharpie marker for drawing lens on the grey bead.
   Special Instructions:  Start the pattern without the key ring or lanyard hook.  Lace on the two mini black beads and a grey bead.  Push them into the middle of the ribbon. 
Using one end, go through the first mini bead to form the antenna and through the opposite side of the grey bead.  Use the other strand to lace on 3 grey beads to complete the first row. 
Continue with the pattern in the usual manner.