Bellsprout - Pokémon #69

designed by Evelyn McDermand




2 ˝ yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
25 green pony beads
24 yellow pony beads
7 brown pony beads
4 peach pony beads
37 mini brown pony beads
Black sharpie marker or craft paint for drawing on eye.

Special Instructions (for making the leaves): Pay close attention to the string path in this area. After lacing on the 2 regular size brown pony beads, make the smaller leaf using one strand and ending up going back through the 2 brown beads. With the other strand, make the large leaf, but before going back through the first two green beads, go through one of the brown beads first, then through the green. Weave the strand from the small leaf through the two green beads. You should end up with the two strand together again. Lace 5 brown beads onto both strands.

For the roots--Because I used the mini beads to make the roots, it is difficult to number the beads. Just try to follow the string path carefully and hope these instructions make sense. On one strand (the red string path) add 5 mini brown beads, then add 3 more. Go back through 2 beads, then add 4 more beads. Go back through 3 beads and add 3 more beads. Go back through 2 beads and then through the five beads that you started with. The other root is done in the same manner except you start by lacing on 7 beads. When you go back through the 7 beads, skip going through the 4th bead to give the root a bend.






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