Chansey - Pokémon #113

designed by Evelyn McDermand

chansey gif image


3 ˝ yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
82 light pink pony beads
3 white pony beads
2 hot pink pony beads
18 dark or hot pink mini pony beads ( you can use all light pink beads if you can’t find a darker pink color).
16 light pink mini pony beads
Black sharpie marker or craft paint pen for drawing on eyes.

Special Instructions: Begin as usual with the first two rows. Pay close attention to the string path when making the hair, feet and 3-D arms. For the hair--Step 1, on one strand lace on 3 lt. pink and 3 hot pink beads, then go back through 2 of the hot pink and 2 lt. pink beads. Step 2, lace on 2 lt and 3 hot pink beads and go back through just like before. Add on 1 lt. pink bead then go through the first lt. pink bead of the first hair strand. Repeat Step 2 and then repeat all steps for the other side. Continue with the 3rd row of the pattern. For the arms--while making the 5th row, have the strands come out in the middle of the 4 pink beads. On each strand, add 3 beads and go back through the middle pink bead of the previous row to attach. Finish by going though the four pink beads of the 5th row and continue with pattern. For the feet--after making the 2nd row from the bottom, add 5 beads onto each strand. Go back through the second bead of that row to attach feet. Make the last row. Weave the strands through the last two beads of the previous row and knot.