designed by Evelyn McDermand





1 Ĺ yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
            1 key ring or lanyard hook
            48 green pony beads

            Special Instructions:  This design begins without the start of a key ring or lanyard hook. 
            Petal 1:  Fold the cord in half and lace on 14 beads.  They should be in the middle of the cord.  You can add on the key ring or lanyard
            hook in this step or later. To add it now, lace on 6 beads, the hook or ring, then 8 more beads.
            1.  Put one stand end back through bead #1 to form a loop. 
            2. Using the left strand, go through beads #2, 8, 14 and 1.  This step is shown on the pattern as the inside string path.  When you pull the
            strings, the petal loop will form a heart shape.

            Petal 2:  Still working with the left strand, (shown now with a blue string path), lace on 14 more beads.  Follow Steps #1 and 2 from petal 1.

            Petal 3: You will now be working with the strand on the right side, which is drawn in red on the pattern.  Again lace on 14 beads and
            follow steps 1 & 2 from petal 1.

                                                                                        From this point, it is just simply weaving one bead on at a time for the stem. Tie a knot at the last bead. You can clip on a split key
                                                                                        ring or lanyard hook between beads #6 & 7 of the first petal if you didnít do so in the beginning.





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