Eggs, the Bear

designed by Evelyn McDermand




2   yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
82 pink pony beads
3 black pony beads
22 green seed beads
Scrap piece of inch purple ribbon for bow


Special Instructions:  Begin with the first bead of the head.  Then make the ears and continue with the pattern. Take the scrap piece of ribbon and weave it through the last bead of the row consisting of 4 beads (under the nose).  Tie a bow and add a drop of glue to the knot to secure. 

Materials for Easter Egg:                            
12 yellow seed beads
12 purple seed beads
                                                                          4 blue seed beads
                                                                          yard of  32 inch gauge wire
                                                                          Hot glue gun


Instructions for Egg: 
Fold the wire in half and lace on the 4 yellow beads and 6 purple beads.  With the other end, go back through the purple beads.  Continue with the pattern just like making a regular beadie.  After completing the last row, go back through the above purple row with only one strand.  Both strands should now be together on one side.  Twist the ends together and trim.  Hot glue egg into place on bear.