Elekid - Pokémon #239

designed by Sean & Evelyn McDermand

elekid gif image


3  yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
50 yellow pony beads
2 clear pony beads
1 red pony bead
34 black mini pony beads
29 yellow mini pony beads
6 white mini pony beads
Black and white craft paint pen fir drawing on eyes.


Special Instructions:   Please note that in order to make the beadie somewhat resemble the character, we used a combination of regular and mini pony beads.  After several unsuccessful attempts of trying to design the lightning bolt with beads, here is an easier solution.  Cut out the lightning bolt and glue it  onto the completed beadie.  I used a black sharpie marker to darken the design, then to help protect and stiffen the it, I placed a piece of clear contact paper over the design before cutting it out.  There are two of them in case you mess up on one.

l'bolt jpeg image