Gengar - Pokémon #94

designed by Janice New-Penovi

gengar gif imageMaterials:

3 ˝ yards ribbon cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
105 translucent dk. amethyst pony beads
5 white pony beads
2 red pony beads

Special Instructions: Follow the string path carefully in the beginning and towards the end. Begin by lacing on 1 bead as usual. Next, add 2 beads and go back through one of the beads using one strand. Then add on 4 beads and go back through the 3rd bead and them the 2nd bead. Do the same for the other side. Next add a row of 4 beads in the usual manner and go through the first bead of the ear to attach. Follow the rest of the pattern as usual. After making the feet, using one strand, lace on 6 beads and weave back through forming the tail. The tail is attached by weaving the string back through a row of beads and tying a knot on the side of the pattern as shown.