Hitmonchan - Pokémon #107

designed by Evelyn McDermand

hitmonchan gif image


3 ˝ yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
69 khaki pony beads
28 lavender pony beads
12 rose pony beads
4 black pony beads
2 white pony beads
Black and white craft paint pens for drawing on eyes

Special Instructions: Pay close attention to the string path around the head, shoulders and arms. Begin by making the first hair spike. Add the other two hair spikes, one on each side. Make the top of the head, which is the row consisting of 3 beads. Make the last two hair spikes, one on each side. Make the row with the eyes. With one strand make the last two rows of the face. For the shoulders, using one strand lace on 10 beads and go back through 2 beads to form the tip. Add on 6 khaki and 5 rose beads, and make the arm. Continue weaving back through the beads to finish making the shoulder. Notice that you skip going through the 4th bead in the last row of the shoulder. Next, make the first row of the body. Go through the skipped bead of the shoulder to attach and continue with the pattern.