1998 Holiday Bear

designed by Evelyn McDermand


3 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
87 white pony beads
6 red pony beads
3 black pony beads
24 holly leaf beads*
12 red “E” beads
2 yards thin jewelry wire
Hot Glue gun
Scrap piece of 1/8 inch red and green ribbon

*holly leaf beads are available from Bolek’s

Special Instructions:  Begin with the hat paying close attention to the string path.  Then on one strand add the ear and continue with the pattern.

Making and Adding Holly Leaf beads:  After completing the pattern, make 12 sets of holly leaves.  Using about a 6 inch piece of wire, string on one leaf, a red seed bead and then another holly leaf.  Center the three beads on the wire. Twist the wire in the middle a few times to secure.  Randomly glue on the completed holly leaves to the beadie, or you can twist them on.  Make a bow out of the two scraps of ribbon and glue into place.