Jabber, the Parrot

designed by Evelyn McDermand

jabber gif image


4 1/2 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
69 red pony beads
34 green pony beads
28 neon blue pony beads
9 white pony beads
4 yellow pony beads
2 black pony beads
1 translucent amber or yellow pony bead (for eye)
16 yellow mini pony beads (for feet)
11 neon blue mini pony beads
(for tail feathers)
Black sharpie marker or craft paint pen for drawing on eye and black stripes across face, (the white beads).

Special Instructions: Just pay close attention to the string paths around the feet and tail feathers. After adding the beads for the tail, (5 rows), add 1 large and 3 mini beads. Make the one tail feather, then add 1 mini. Repeat this process twice. Continue weaving back through the beads of the tail. The feet are done by adding 4 mini yellow beads and going through the 3rd bead to form a toe. Add two more beads and repeat process twice. Go back through the first two yellow beads and through the two large beads on the body as shown. Make another foot on the other side.