Jerry Mouse, from Tom and Jerry

designed by Evelyn McDermand



3 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
73 light brown pony beads
16 tan pony beads
10 pink pony beads
2 white pony beads
1black pony beads
Black and white sharpie markers or paint
pens for drawing on eyes.


Special Instructions: Pay close attention to the string path when making the ears and legs.  I have numbered the beads to make it easier.

Help with the Ears:  After making the first normal row (3 beads), use one strand to lace on 7 beads in this order:  2 brown, 3 pink and 2 brown.  Go back through beads 1-4.  Then lace on 5 more beads, 1 pink, 3 brown and 1 pink.  Go back through beads 8-10 and then back through the first row of 3 beads.  Repeat to make the other ear with the other strand. Continue with the pattern.

Help with the Eyes/Ear:  After completing the row with the eyes, go through the brown bead, (bead 11) of the ear to attach it close to the head.


Help with the Legs/Feet:  After completing the last row of the body, lace 9 brown beads onto one strand.  Go back through bead  8, skip bead7, go back through beads 5-6, then 3-4, and 1-2.  Repeat process for the other leg.  When legs are complete, lace one bead (marked with a C) onto either one of the strands. Finish completing this row by going through beads 2 and 1 of the opposite leg.  The strand without the center bead will go through that bead plus beads 2 and 1 of the opposite leg.  Tie knots.