designed by Evelyn McDermand


lamppost gif image

Materials for Lamppost:

4 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
84 black pony beads
20 white pony beads
8 mini black pony beads
2 mini red pony beads
1 mini yellow pony bead


Materials for Wreath:

chenille stem
9 green pony beads
6 mini red pony beads
Piece of 1/4 inch red ribbon.

Special Instructions: Begin where indicated and lace the beads onto the chenille stem. Twist the ends together and trim. Center the red ribbon through the black bead of the lamppost indicated by the word "wreath". Now pull the ribbon ends through one of the green beads of the wreath and tie a bow. Add a drop of tacky glue to the knot to secure.