Loosy, the Canadian Goose

designed by Evelyn McDermand


loosy gif image


4 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 lanyard hook
74 black pony beads
68 gray pony beads
38 white pony beads
2 black pearl pony beads (for the eyes)
Piece of inch maroon colored ribbon

Note: You don’t begin with a lanyard hook. It is added where indicated by the . Lace the hook on just as you would a bead. Also, follow the string path carefully around the wings.








Special Instructions for the feet: Lace 8 black beads on one strand. This will be for the leg. Next, lace on 2 beads and go back through the first bead. Repeat this step twice then continue weaving back up to form the leg. Do the same for the other side and tie knots. Finish project by pulling a piece of maroon colored ribbon through the last row of black beads on the neck and tie the ribbon into a bow and securing it with glue.