Pajama Sam

designed by Evelyn McDermand



2  yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
36 blue pony beads
31 aqua pony beads
22 red pony beads
4 white pony beads
2 black pony beads
1 yellow pony bead
Black sharpie marker or craft paint pen for drawing on eyes and eyebrows.


Special Instructions:  Begin in the usual manner with two aqua beads.  With the left strand, add on 3 aqua beads and go back through the first and second bead.  On the right strand, string on 2 aqua beads and go back through the first bead.  Continue with the pattern to the arms.  For the left arm holding the flashlight, string on 5 blue, 1 aqua, 1 black, 1 aqua, 1 black and 1 yellow bead in this order.  Go back through the black bead next to the yellow bead.  Add on 1 more aqua bead and follow the string path to complete the arm.  When you reach the last row before the feet, on one strand string on 2 red, 4 blue and 1 white bead.  Go back through the blue bead next to the white bead and through the first and second blue bead on this strand. Repeat this procedure with the other strand.  On one strand add on 1 red bead.  Take the two strands and finish going through the remaining beads of the last row to complete it and tie knots.