Christmas Penguin Star

designed by Evelyn McDermand


2 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
36 black pony beads
17 white pony beads
5 orange pony beads
5 red pony beads
Black sharpie marker for drawing on eyes.
Craft needle (optional)

Special Instructions: 
Begin with the hat in the usual manner.  Follow the string path carefully in the first diagram for making the star points.  Two of the points are made with one strand and the other two points with the other strand.  To attach, pull one of the strands through the bead marked as #1 and do the same for the other strand.  (Diagram 2).  Next, add on beads #2, 3 & 4 and go back through beads 2&3.  Go through beads marked 5&6 and add on beads 7&8.  Go through beads 9&10 and add on beads 11, 12 & 13.  Go back through beads 11 & 12.  Go through bead 10 on the other side.  Repeat this process with the other stand ending up through bead 9 where the other strand ended and tie a knot.  Use an extra piece of ribbon or cord go through the center beads and tie them together.  If using ribbon, you may want to do this with a craft needle.  This procedure is shown with a black string path on the diagram.