Rocket, the Blue Jay

designed by Evelyn McDermand


rocket gif image


4 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
102 neon blue pony beads
40 white pony beads
7 black pony beads
16 black mini pony beads (for feet)
11 neon blue mini pony beads
(for tail feathers)

Special Instructions: Just pay close attention to the string paths around the feet and tail feathers. After adding the beads for the tail, (5 rows), add 1 large and 3 mini beads. Make the one tail feather, then add 1 mini. Repeat this process twice. Continue weaving back through the beads of the tail. The feet are done by adding 4 mini black beads and going through the 3rd bead to form a toe. Add two more beads and repeat process twice. Go back through the first two black beads and through the large white bead. Make another foot on the other side.