School House

designed by Sean and Evelyn McDermand

school house gif image


3 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
58 red pony beads
20 gray pony beads
14 black pony beads
6 white pony beads
6 white or any color alphabet beads*
1 small bell (available at any craft store)

*Note: You can also use 6 yellow pony beads and write the letters on with a black sharpie marker.

Special Instructions: Begin as usual with one bead. Using one strand, add the bell and loop back through the first bead. This will attach the bell to the bead. Using the same strand, add on one gray bead, then go through the ring of the bell and add on another gray bead. With the other strand go back through the gray bead, bell and gray bead to complete the row.