Cub Scout

designed by Evelyn McDermand






2 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
29 blue pony beads
22 ivory pony beads
19 dark blue pony beads
6 brown pony beads
6 yellow pony beads
1 gold glitter or gold pony bead
Black sharpie marker or craft paint for eyes

Tiger Cub Scout: Use 15 orange beads (12 for the hat, 3 for the neckerchief). Use 3 white beads in place of the yellow on the hat.
Wolf Cub Scout: As is.
Bear Cub Scout: Use 6 light blue beads (3 for the hat, 3 for the neckerchief) in place of the yellow.

Special Instructions: If you do not have two different colors of blue, you can use the same color blue for the shirt and pants. Pull tightly on the brim of the hat (third row) for a 3-D effect, to resemble a visor. You can make the arms in any position that you want to. To make your scout salute, attach the right arm to the brim of the hat before going back down through the arm. You can also attach the other arm to the pants before making the knot on the side.