Shamrock/Dublin, the Bear

designed by Evelyn McDermand



    2   yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
    1 key ring or lanyard hook
    82 light green pony beads (Shamrock) or lime green (Dublin)*
    3 black pony beads
      yard of 1/8 inch green ribbon (cut in half for bow)
    28 green seed beads (to make the shamrock)
    yard of  32 inch gauge wire
    Hot glue gun

    *Note: The only difference between the two bears is color and bow.


    Special Instructions:  Begin with the first bead of the head.  Then make the ears and continue with the pattern.  Make the shamrock out of the seed beads as shown and hot glue
    onto the bear.  Insert both pieces of ribbon through the last bead in the row of 4 beads (under the nose).  Tie a bow and glue into place.  Trim ends if necessary.


    To make shamrock:  Fold wire in half and add on 7 beads.  With both ends together, lace on one bead.  This is the center bead.  On one strand lace on 7 beads and do the
    same for the other side.  Go back through the center bead forming a loop on each side.  With both ends together, lace on 5 beads.  Using only one strand, lace on the last bead. 
Twist ends together and trim.  You can add a little bend in the stem.  Also, you can form the leaves of the shamrock into hearts by gently pushing in the center bead of each leaf. 
Hot glue finished shamrock into place. You can also just use a shamrock sticker.