designed by Evelyn McDermand



2  yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
44 yellow pony beads
16 white pony beads
10 black pony beads
10 brown pony beads
2 red pony beads
1 red mini pony bead
2 white mini pony beads (teeth)
2 white 8mm faceted beads* (eyes)
Black,red & blue sharpie marker or craft paint pens for drawing on eyes and stripes on socks.
*8mm white faceted beads available at craft stores or Boleks.


Special Instructions:  Begin with one yellow bead as shown.  Follow string path carefully.  For help with the row with the 3-D nose and teeth, string on 5 beads and go back through bead #4 and add on remaining 3 beads to complete the row.  With the other strand, go through 4 beads, add on the 2 white mini, go back through the center bead and out the remaining three beads.  Continue with pattern.  Draw on eyes and stripes.