Starmie - Pokémon #121

designed by Evelyn McDermand


starmie gif image


4 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
60 lavender pony beads
25 yellow pony beads
5 translucent red pony beads

Special Instructions: This pattern is not as hard as it may seem. Just follow the string path carefully. Step 1--begin as usual making the first point of the star. Add a lavender bead, then add 6 more beads on one strand and go back through to form another point and repeat the step once more with the same strand. Repeat these steps, with the other strand, making two more star points and finishing with both strands going through a single lavender bead as shown. Step 2--Add on a yellow bead which is marked letter A. This will be the center of the first 3-D point. On one strand, add on a lavender bead which is marked letter B. On the other strand, add on 4 lavender beads. Go back through beads #2 & 3, then go through beads B, A and #1.This forms a point. Continue pattern in the same format as step 1. Ending up having both strands cross through a single yellow bead. Step 3--I changed the color of the string path to make it easier. Add a yellow bead. Then on one strand add two yellow beads and one red. Go back through the two yellow beads. Add a yellow bead and go through the yellow bead above it from step 2 Repeat this step once more with this strand and 3 times using the other strand. Step 4--with one strand weave through the five red beads, and do the same for the other strand, weaving through from the opposite side. This will secure the red beads, then tie a knot.

Note: This pattern is very similar to the Staryu pattern.