Beaded Friendship Pin Instructions


Supplies Needed:
  • Size #0 Safety Pins
  • Size #2 Safety Pins
  • Assorted Seed Bead Colors Size 11
  • Pliers
  • Split Ring Opener Pliers (available in the jewelry section at a craft store)
  • Clear Acrylic Spray (optional)



Step 1: Seal Pins. This step is optional: To prevent tarnishing, spray the brass pins
with two thin coats of clear acrylic before you begin.


Step 2: String Beads. Working the pattern from left to right, open up a #0 safety pin and
string on the beads. The circle end of the pin is the top and each pin is one row. Once you
have the beads on, close the pin and slip the circle end onto the open end of the #2 safety
pin. Repeat this step by continuing to work the pattern until you have completed beading
all the #0 pins. The pins should be in the correct order as the pattern on the #2 pin. Close
the #2 pin, and check your work to make sure you haven't skipped a row or beads, and that
you are happy with your work.

Step 3: Crimp Pins. Using your pliers, pinch the end of each #0 pin to crimp the pin closed
so that it won't open.

Step 4: Thread Pins.
Using the split ring opener pliers, open up the coil end of the #2 pin
and slip on the first beaded #0 pin down and around the coil. You can work 2-3 pins around
the coil at a time until all the pins are on the backside of the large pin. Once the coil has
been opened and the first pin has been started, it's easy to move the other pins around
without using the pliers again. I also recommend leaving the large pin closed to avoid
being stuck and to keep your work from falling off and out of place. Finished!

Designer Notes:

I work with a template of 11 rows (pins) with 9-10 beads on a pin when I design patterns.
I mostly use the Miyuki brand beads and can get 10 beads onto one pin with them. Another
brand is Toho which are slightly larger than the Miyuki. I can still get 10 beads onto a pin
when I use a combination of the two brands. However, if I only use the Toho brand beads,
I can only get 9 beads onto a pin.
All my designs were made using the size 11 beads. You
can use larger beads such as E beads, but then you will also have to go up a size in the
safety pins used.


Links to Buy Beads:

Aura Crystals
Barrel of Beads
Beads Direct
Caravan Beads


There are other places but these are the places that I have ordered from.
I buy safety pins in bulk and get them from Bolek's.