Tickety Tock, from “Blues Clues”

Designer: Unknown  /   Illustrated by: Evelyn McDermand

I received a request for this pattern. I’ve seen a pattern for this done already, but didn’t find it again on the internet. The pattern was posted on a page which no longer exists. I searched my collection and found the one that I made almost 10 years ago. It’s just too cute not to share!  I can’t take credit for the design as being my own, so I have just drawn and posted the pattern.  THANKS to the unknown designer for an awesome pattern.



    2½  yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
    1 key ring or lanyard hook
    34 white pony beads
    22 light blue or blue glow-in-the-dark pony beads
    20 hot pink pony beads
    15 black pony beads
    2 clear pony beads
    Black sharpie marker or craft paint pen for drawing on eyes and clock face numbers.
    Red sharpie marker or craft paint pen for drawing on mouth.

    *Note: for presentation purposes, I just printed numbers on a piece of paper and used a hole punch to cut out and paste
    the clock face numbers. A sharpie marker works well though. 

    Special Instructions: Pay close attention to the string path around the feet. This took me awhile to figure out. 
When you get to the row with the 2 pink and 3 white beads at the bottom, lace on 4 black beads on one strand. 
Using that same strand, weave back through the second and 4th black bead, and then back through the pink bead. 
Do the same for the other strand.  Both strands should end up on the outside of the pink bead of the last row with
    the feet being completed.  Then take one strand and weave it back through the 4th black bead and lace on 3 pink beads. 
Continue weaving the strand through the 4th bead of the other foot.  Both strands should end up
                                                                                   on the same side so a tie a knot and you’re done.




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