Victreebel - Pokémon #71

designed by Evelyn McDermand


victreebel gif image


4 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
41 light green pony beads
35 yellow pony beads
14 mauve pony beads
7 black pony beads
4 gray pony beads
2 white pony beads
26 brown mini pony beads
6 yellow mini pony beads
2 white mini pony beads
Black sharpie marker or craft paint for drawing on eyes.

Special Instructions: Begin by going through 1 green bead with both strands. Using one strand make the root/vine. Then with that same strand make the small section of the 3-D leaf. With the opposite strand make the other small section and the large section of the 3-D leaf. Weave the strand from the root/vine section through the 3 green beads of the large leaf section. Continue with the pattern. To make the 3-D teeth, simply add on a white mini bead to the mauve bead where indicated. Then using only one strand add 4 mauve beads and weave back through the previous row to make the "lip". Continue with the pattern. When you get to the the second row from the bottom, lace on 14 green beads and weave back through to form a leaf. The strand will end up at the top. To attach the leaf, go through the first yellow bead as shown and back through the first 4 green beads. Then go back through the first yellow bead of the next to last row. Repeat on the other side for the other leaf. Add on the last row of beads and knot.