Agnes with Unicorn, from Despicable Me

designed by Evelyn McDermand




                Materials for Agnes:

                2 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
                1 key ring or lanyard hook
                20 denim blue pony beads
                16 ivory pony beads
                13 black pony beads
                8 white pony beads
                6 yellow pony beads
                1 red mini pony bead
                Black and Brown Sharpie Markers for drawing on eyes.

                Special Instructions:
                I started this pattern with the pony tail first and then clipped the lanyard hook on later.  Lace on the red mini bead and
                3 black beads and push them up in the middle of the strand.  With one end, go through the opposite side of bead #1 and
                then down through the red bead.  You should end up with both strands coming out of the bottom of the red bead. 
Continue with the pattern in the usual manner.



                Materials for Unicorn:
                1 1/2 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
                1 key ring or lanyard hook
                41 white pony beads
                8 hot pink pony beads
                2 gold mini pony beads *(See note)
                Black Sharpie Marker for drawing on eyes.

                Special Instructions:
Donít let the pattern intimidate you.  Itís really a lot easier than it seems. 
                The 3-D Horn: After making the first row of the pink beads, you will lace on the 3 white beads.  With the opposite strand,
                go through two of the white beads then add on your two gold beads. Go back through the first gold bead and then out
                through the second and last white bead of that row.
                The Ears: After making the horn, you will add a white bead onto each strand.  This will be the ears.
                The 3-D Head: Lace on 3 white beads in the usual manner.  This is the row with the eyes.  Because of the ears, the row with
                 the eyes and the one above it will have a gap between them but is easily fixed. This process is shown with the red string path. 
                Take one strand and go up through the top row of 3 white beads and the back through the row with the eyes. Easy! This will
                pull the rows together. You don't go through the ears. Next, lace on 5 white beads onto one strand. With that same strand,
                you will go back through beads marked #1,2,3 and then out through the row with the eyes. Continue with the rest of the pattern.

                                                                                         *Note: You can probably just use one regular yellow, gold or gold glitter pony bead for the horn if you don't have the mini








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