Welcome to my page!  I began making beadies several years ago when my two children inspired me into designing my own patterns. Since the beadie critter phase has somewhat faded out, I haven't been designing very many new patterns.  However, I will take requests/ideas for new pattern designs.  Please Email Me with requests and if you come across any broken links.

There are over 240 patterns on my page alone and I have posted links to help you find other bead patterns.  I hope you enjoy these patterns as much as I enjoy designing and sharing them.

My patterns are FREE for you to print under the Terms and Condition of Use: 
These patterns are copyrighted and provided for your own personal or non profit use at no charge and with no guarantee. Patterns are NOT to be sold.  If copies of these patterns are made, they should retain the original format including the credit line and these terms of use. Please do not link directly to the patterns, but rather to






coming soon


Great Pokéball

Ultra Pokéball



Gummy Bear




This still seems to be a very popular pattern and there have
 been many requests for tutorials on how to do the fins.  This
 was one of the very first patterns that I had designed and it
 needed to be redone.  I hope the redraw and the extra instructions
 will help.

Happy Beadin! 

Safety Pin Patterns
(The most patterns on the web)





New Patterns Added!
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Designer Notes:
I do not have a set schedule as to when this page
gets updated so please check back. 

I still have some patterns to draw up and post.  Hopefully I can get them done soon.  I'm still going crazy designing new
Beaded Safety/Friendship bead patterns. 
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