designed by Evelyn McDermand

arthur gif image


3 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
22 yellow pony beads
20 neon blue pony beads
18 tan pony beads
7 white pony beads
4 red pony beads
Black sharpie marker or craft paint pen for drawing on eyes.

Special Instructions: If desired you can attach the arms to the hips by going through the hand and then tie the knots.

To make the glasses, you can use a half piece of brown chenille stem. First, trim off most of the "fuzz" then shape. Bend and insert the ends of the stem into the beads at each end and glue. Another way to make the glasses, is to use a piece of green floral wire and wrap it with masking or floral tape. Then paint it using either brown spray or craft paint.