Bamm-Bamm Rubble

designed by Evelyn McDermand

BAMBAM gif image


3 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
44 ivory pony beads
14 white pony beads
12 tan pony beads
11 orange pony beads
9 black pony beads
Black and white craft paint pen for drawing on eyes.

Special Instructions: Pay close attention to the string path when making the club. To make the club--after stringing on 8 ivory beads for the arm, add 2 tan beads. Go back through the first tan bead, then back through the ivory bead marked as #2. Add on 10 tan beads and weave back through forming the club. Go back through the ivory bead marked as #1. Continue with the string path for completing the arm. Continue with the rest of the pattern. To make the feet, add a bead on to each side after completing the last row. Weave the stings back through the last row and tie knots.