designed by Evelyn McDermandbatman gif image



3 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
105 pearl black or black pony beads
7 tan pony beads
6 gold glitter pony beads
1 gold pony bead (for buckle)
10 mini pearl black or black pony beads
Blue and white craft paint pen for drawing
on eyes or perhaps 2 small wiggle eyes may work.
Thin piece of black fabric or black felt for cape (optional)

Special Instructions: Begin as usual with 2 beads. Add the ears using the mini beads. The other two mini beads are used in the face to make the eyes appear to be recessed (set back). Continue with the pattern, following the string path carefully, especially around the shoulders.

Special Note: This is a pattern that I’ve made quite some time ago. I never posted it because I thought it needed a cape. I thought about making a cape out of beads, but I think the beadie would have been too heavy. The best idea for a cape that I could come up with is to cut a piece of black fabric or felt. Attach a piece of black ribbon to the cape and weave it through the shoulders and tie knots as shown.

cape gif image











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