Budget Beadies Collection
 Flip Flops

designed by Evelyn McDermand




Materials for Flip Flop Base:

1 yard ribbon or plastic lacing
29 pony beads color of your choice






Materials for Flip Flop Strap:
12 inch piece of ribbon or plastic lacing
9 pony beads in a different color of choice









Special Instructions:  With the 12 inch piece of ribbon, go through the middle bead in the second row of the flip flop base.  Center the strand and add one bead on in the usual manner. 
On each strand, lace on 4 beads and tie along the side of the flip flop base as shown.

Designer Notes:  I thought this would be a good easy craft for summer camps since it requires little supplies.  It is also a good way to use up those extra leftover assorted beads and
can be done in any color.  You can even experiment and do the pattern in stripes as shown.  For the striped pattern flip flop strap, I used 14 mini blue pony beads and used a blue star
bead for the center.  I also used thin 1/8 inch ribbon to string on the mini pony beads.  I really think it looks better using the mini pony beads for the strap though.