Betty Rubble

designed by Evelyn McDermandbetty r  gif image



3 yards ribbon, cord or plastic lacing
1 key ring or lanyard hook
53 ivory pony beads
28 light blue pony beads
18 black pony beads
1 pearl white pony bead
4 light blue mini pony beads
White and Black craft paint pens for drawing on the eyes.

Special Instructions: This pattern begins without the lanyard hook or key ring. Begin by making the bow. Find the center of the ribbon or cord. Add 2 mini light blue beads and go back through the first bead. Repeat. Using one strand, add on 2 black beads, the lanyard or key ring and 3 more black beads. On the other strand, add 5 black beads and weave through those beads with the other strand. Continue with the pattern paying close attention to the string path around the bottom of the dress and the feet.